RAPIDRanger Mobile Integrated Defence Malaysian GAPU

Thales Rapid Ranger dengan Medium Radar Range Control Master 200 dengan 4 Tube Pelancar StarStreak

RAPIDRanger can be integrated into a network enabled force structure and be coordinated with Early Warning Command and Control (C2) systems, or it can operate in an autonomous mode for specific missions. When using the STARStreak missile with its extremely fast time of flight, a variety of threats can be defeated from head on or fast crossing aerial targets, to targets such as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and helicopters. When used with the LMM a capability is provided to defeat surface targets such as Light Armoured Vehicles (LAVs), trucks and fixed installations and aerial targets such as UAVs. 

Both missiles utilise the Thales laser beam riding guidance system. With the increasing need for Force Protection against conventional and asymmetric threats, RAPIDRanger provides the multi-mission effects demanded by modern forces. The system weighs less than 500 kg, and being of modular design, can be fitted to many types of wheeled or tracked vehicles. The RAPIDRanger open architecture enables the integration of a range of missiles from the highly effective STARStreak Air Defence Missile to anti-armour missiles and rockets. The main components of the system are a servo driven turret and the weapon’s operator Human Machine Interface (HMI). 

The turret houses the Stabilised Sight Head (SSH), and supports two missile panniers. The SSH contains Daylight and Thermal Imaging cameras, integrated with an Automatic Target Tracker (ATT), laser guidance unit to support STARStreak and LMM and optional laser rangefinder. The RAPIDRanger is designed to include an integral 360° surveillance sensor - either a passive Infra Red Search and Track (IRST) or integrated Surveillance and Track Radar which provides the RAPIDRanger with completely autonomous system operation.



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