STYRIS Underwater Surveillance System (USS) untuk Pengkalan TLDM Teluk Sepanggar.

Puncak Teknologi (M) Sdn Bhd telah di anugerahkan kontrak tersebut pada 2 November. Syarikat ini bekerjasama dengan Signalis untuk program ini dimana sensor pemantauan bawah laut dan permukaan terintegrasi atau dengan nama lain nya STYRIS akan digunakan.

Maklumat terperinci mengenai STYRIS tidak didedahkan.

Ini merupakan petikan dari SIGNALIS mengenai sistem ini

"Cerberus Mod 2 Diver Detection Sonar (DDS) are part of the Signalis’ STYRIS Coastal Surveillance solution featuring fully integrated above and underwater surveillance sensors. STYRIS® is the SIGNALIS Integrated Maritime Surveillance and Security solution which is a single, common software solution for the collection, processing, fusion and display of data from a wide range of external sensors such as radars, AIS, RDF, cameras, weather stations and now the Cerberus Mod 2 DDS. Cerberus Mod 2 is the latest generation of ATLAS ELEKTRONIK UK diver detection sonar and is specifically designed to detect and classify open and closed circuit divers, swimmers, swimmer delivery vehicles and UUVs. The system is proven, flexible and has been qualified for military use and is provided in a lightweight, easy to deploy package. The system can be configured for various environments and applications such as permanent seabed installation for 24/7 port and harbour security and surveillance. STYRIS® and Cerberus provides: - Above and below water surveillance - Seamless integration - Class leading DDS performance - Proven detection, tracking and classification - Multiple sonar head integration The system can be viewed on stand F52 / G48 and we would be happy to offer a further in depth briefing on the technology."

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Sumber MalaysianDefence, Signalis


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