K200A1 Malaysian Infantry Fighting Vehicle (MIFV) Reliable Fighting Machine

Late in 1993, Malaysia placed an order and took delivery of 42 KIFVs for use with its units operating as part of United Nations forces in the former Yugoslavia. These were delivered in 1993.

This order comprised the following versions: 32 KIFVs; 4 mortar carriers; 2 recovery vehicles; 2 command post vehicles; 2 ambulance vehicles. These were delivered in 1994.

In mid-1994, Malaysia placed a further order for 22 vehicles in the following versions: 18 KIFVs; 2 recovery vehicles; 1 command post vehicle; 1 ambulance. These were delivered in 1995.

In mid-1995, Malaysia placed a further order for 47 KIFV and variants, all of which have now been delivered.

Malaysian KIFV upgrade

Early in 2000, the now Doosan proposed to the Royal Malaysian Army that its current K200 KIFV could be upgraded to the enhanced K200A1 standard in Malaysian Army facilities in a very short period of time.

This offer was accepted and the task carried out by Number 91 Workshop of the Malaysian Army which dismantled the vehicle, carried out modifications to the hull and fitted the new power pack.

As the new power pack is slightly larger, the bulkhead has to be taken out and positioned 75 mm to the rear and there are also a number of small electrical changes. The final drives have also been changed to take into account the increased engine output available.

Work started on 28 February and the vehicle ran for the first time on 30 March and then made its first public appearance at the DSA 2000 exhibition held in Kuala Lumpur in March 2000.

The installation of this new power pack not only improves the power-to-weight ratio of the vehicle from 21.7 hp/t to 26.5 hp/t but also improves acceleration. Maximum road speed is now increased to 70 km/h. Braking is also improved.

It was then demonstrated to the Malaysian Army at its armour school at Port Dickson. Following trials with the first prototype, another five conversions have been made in Malaysia. These are expected to be followed by another 51 to bring the total up to 57 units.



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