F-35 Malaysia? Am i in a Coma?

Did i woke up from a Coma? LOL. First reported here Mr. Loren Thompson, chief operating officer of the Virginia-based Lexington Institute says... (sort of like this) because the price of the F-35 (export versions) will be around $85 million, putting it on a par with the cost of current fighter planes that Malaysia review for the MRCA programs. It would be plausible that Malaysia will follow Singapore step into ordering F-35.

Never mind that, traditionally Malaysia don't usually buy the same aircraft as Singapore or Indonesia or Thai .. well accept for the F-5 and the A-4 sky hawk... or even Hawk 200/100 ... or even Super Puma variation helicopter (singapore and Indonesia use it) .. or LOH A109 helicopters... or .. awww gawd damned it... Malaysia will buy F-35?

In 2008 the price for Eurofighter Typhoon is around USD 122 millions... if the F-35 price can be bellow USD 85 millions this would make it a better candidate for the MRCA program. All this news spurts out about the same time the Chinese muscle flexing in East and South China Sea occur. Is this a coincidence?

While this sounds great. Remember this?

F-35 does have a higher cost per flight hour compared to the rest of the list... and i really doubt that Malaysia can afford the operating cost... unless Malaysia Military Spending really really went up.

The F-35 have a lower RCS compared to SU-30MKM and the Super Hornet. Although it is said that the export version of the F-35 will have an RCS of 0.15 m2 while the US versions are having 0.005 m2. 

So the question remain. Will Malaysia order F-35 as Mr. Loren Thompson implies?



  1. Loren Thompson ni memandai je...

    Walau harga F35 makin lama makin turun ini jet maintenancenya Masha Allah! Tunggu je la PAK-FA ataupun tambah lagi Cik SU kalau tak pun beli/sewa Gripen.

    Kita nak MRCA yang boleh diharap dan murah disuap kalau setakat duk kat dalam hangar/HAS tak payah le....

  2. bro for me its depends.
    pembelian ni bukan berkait mengenai keperluan ketenteraan aje tapi melibatkan hubungan sesebuah negara tu.banyak faktor perlu di ambil kira.the sourcecode thing and all that.we got minions budget for this sector and wise buying is absolutely needed.

    1. literally minion budget sebenarnya kan...

  3. Comments are very good here. This is my "view". Now China is expanding and we are looking at a powerful China who are now in the stage of bullying its neighbors. Now we have a problem. You put a Sukhoi Su27 on a carrier and whalla, you have combat coverage that can extend over East Malaysia and the East course. Su27??? We have a modified version of it. We know the potent of it. How serious is China giving problems to Malaysia. Big. Really big. Basically we need American again to come in. Malaysia has no chance to defend itself.
    So lets look at the fighter options. In my opinion, Rafale and F-35 is our best option. Forget about buying 18 each. We need to be realistic. We need numbers. Gripen is ideal. Gripen has short range, can be modified with some stealth. So a mixture of F-35 with Gripen. This is purely for defensive purpose only. We have no real power to conduct offensive operations against China. We need 50 F35 fighters and possibly 80-120 Gripens to secure our nation. We also need to keep in reserve our Mig-29, Order additional F/A-18Ds possibly ex marines for another 36 more and maintain the Sukhois to defend mainland.

  4. I have been following China's military development and raised this issue during my fighter writes up with leading defense magazines. That was 10 years ago. Now its time that China is showing is muscles. My favorite would be a mixed fighter force of F-35 with Rafale and Gripen making up the entire defense force.

  5. Malaysia shouldn't be looking at how much aircraft cost. Forget about money. Now we need the latest hardware to defeat an enemy or prevent a potential enemy against adventurism. Having the best keeps our enemies at bay.

  6. I think having commonality is crucial to have a full functioning armed forces. For the MRCA programme, we should go for the Sukhois, whichever type that may be, but most preferably the 30MKMs or the 35. Look, if we have our entire fighter squadrons based on the SU30 or a mixture of SU30 and SU35, that would give a great commonality in terms of spare parts, maintenance programme as well as weaponry. This way our fighter squadron would drain less money out of the defense budget. Since the air force have outlined a requirement for six fighter squadron, and since we already have two SU30 MKM squadrons, a purchase of another 36 or 40 to form four squadrons would be preferable. Our Boeing FA 18 D Hornets should be resold to the US, in a buy back deal for another two squadrons of the FA 18 F Super Hornet for our Navy. This way we can slowly build our Navy Aviation Force based on Boeing's naval jets, while our air force fighter on the Sukhois.

  7. Plus, with the ruble depreciating against the ringgit, we can have a good deal if we bought more Sukhois, compared if we bought from the US, UK or other European countries. The dollar has been appreciating against the ringgit and so does the sterling and the Euro. We shouldn't try to compete with Singapore, their defense budget is at 6% of GDP, while ours is only about less than 2%. And their currency moves in tandem with the dollar rather than contradicting it. This means as the greenback appreciate, the Sing will follow suit, which gives out southern neighbor almost no qualms to buy high end jets from the US. We don't have this advantage. Plus, albeit all the political bickering and fear of Singapore invading Malaysia, in reality there is no threat from them. Our economy is interdependent with each other. Simply put, any aggression from both sides would means a disastrous outcome for all. Instead, we should develop our relationship with Singapore even closer, so that we can actually cooperate, rather than being envious of each other. The most direct threat for us is China. Thus, we should build our armed forces to anticipate an act of aggression from the red army. Despite its might and humungous spending on arms, China is not invisible. A close military cooperation between Asean countries ie Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, Vietnam, Brunei and Indonesia should keep China at its bay, some 5000 km away from our shores. With the US maintaining military forces in Singapore and the Philippines, plus our own armed forces, I don't think China would want to flex its muscles even further down south. And they have South Korea and Japan to contend with up north.

  8. However, ideally we should increase our defense spending to at least on par with world's average. If I'm not mistaken, the world's average spending on dedense is about 4%. If we can just double our defense spending to about US10 bil, we should be able to build a strong defense force, which would make our would be enemies think twice or thrice from messing up with us. And I sincerely think that we can afford a bigger defense budget, it is just a matter if our government has the balls for it. Yes the people might be questioning it and the opposition would create a fuss out of it, but as a legitimate and responsible government, and for the sake of our sovereignty, the government should increase defense spending. If we don't accustom ourselves to a bigger defense spending now, we would not start. There will always be requirement for more spending on every aspect of our life. Since our government has rightly introduce a market funding for infrastructure spending ie the MRT, why can't they set aside more funds for defense? The government should bite the bullet and cut down on unnecessary spending like private jets for top leaders and their spouses, wasteful subsidies to those who don't need it ie large corporations, as well as fancy bridges to no where. Defense spending can be increased, while not putting a pressure on government finances through allocating resources in much better ways.


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