TUDM HAWK KILL MARKING : Pilot callsign CROCO HAWk 208 M40-30

3 kali sortie 1st mk 82 dan 2nd n 3rd ngan crv7. Gambar credit kepada ARAMOS dan BANGER.

During the 2013 Lahad Datu standoff, five Hawk 208 together with three FA-18 Hornets were employed in an airstrike on the Royal Army of Sulu on March 5th, 2013, occupying part of Borneo, just before the Malaysian joint forces assault.

The Hawk 200 has the Adour 871 engine, combat wing, and some of the other combat kit of the Hawk 100, but along with the single seat configuration, which resulted in an entirely new fuselage from the cockpit forward, also features a still taller tailfin; an optional fixed in-flight refueling probe; and the Northrop-Grumman AN/APG-66H pulse-Doppler X-band multimode radar, with ten air-to-air and ten air-to-surface modes.

The Hawk 200 has eleven external store points with four underwing pylons, an under-fuselage pylon, and wingtip air-to-air missile stations. The range of external stores includes air-to-air missiles, a gunpod, rocket launchers, reconnaissance pod, retarded and free-fall bombs up to 540 kg, runway cratering, anti-personnel and light Armor bombs, cluster bombs, practice bomb and rocket carriers and external fuel tanks.

actual bombing pictures taken from Royal Malaysian Navy Ship in Kampung Tanduo during the opening assault of OPS DAULAT.

Developing nation:United Kingdom.
Designer:British Aerospace.
Manufacturer: BAE Systems.
Production line:Brough, East Yorkshire, UK.
Task:multi-role light fighter.
First flight:May 19, 1986, ZG200.
British Aerospace Hawk 200
Ejection seat:Martin Baker Mk.10 LH.
Wing Span:9,39 m.
- 9,94 m with tip-mounted AIM-9 Sidewinder.
Wing Area:16,69 m².
Length fuselage:11,33 m.
Length fuselage including probe:12,07 m.
Height:4,16 m.
Tail plane span:4,39 m.
Wheelbase:3,56 m.
Wheel track:3,47 m.
Engines:One Rolls Royce/Turbom├ęca Adour Mk.871 turbofan rated 26.00 kN.
Weight:Empty: 4.450 Kg.
- Internal fuel: 1.361 kg.
- External fuel: 2 x 591 liter drop tanks.
- max. ordnance 3.493 kg.
Max. take off weight:9.100 Kg.
Max. speed:1.019 km/h at 2.440 m.
Service ceiling:13.715 m.
Range:range 2.428 km without drop tanks.
ferry range 3.610 km with 3x 864 liter drop tanks.
- combat radius 1.234 km with one Sea Eagle missile and two drop tanks or 945 km on a lo-lo-lo reconnaissance mission with one reconnaissance pod and two drop tanks.
Performance:max. rate of climb at sea level 3.508 m per minute.
- take-off run to 15 m at max. take-off weight 2.134 m.
- landing run from 15 m at max. landing weight 854 m with brake chute.
- landing run from 15 m at max. landing weight 1.250 m without brake chute.
g limits:-4/+8
Radar:Northrop-Grumman AN/APG-66H pulse-Doppler X-band multimode radar.
Centerline hardpoints:1.
Underwing hardpoints:4.
Wingtip hardpoints:2.
Weapons:- Aden 30 mm cannon with 120 rounds.
- AIM-9L Sidewinder.
- Sky Flash.
- AGM-65 Maverick.
- 9 x 240 kg bombs.
- 9 x 113 kg bombs.
- 5 x 540 kg  bombs.
- cluster bombs.
- Paveway II Bombs.
SNEB rocket pods.
- Sea Eagle missile.
- Marconi Sting Ray homing torpedo.
Extra:- Reconnaissance pod. 
- brake chute.


  1. hawk 200 ngan Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II mana better?

  2. better tak kalau tak berani hadang kat james shoal?

  3. sukhoy much better...

  4. kalau ahli militery bodoh ya cam ni,tak pernah ke sekolah militery?kes lahad datu paling best ya heli attac,cam apache,mi35,super cobra..efektif serang gerilya,fokus view lawan....pakai jet pilot cam mata juling la tengok kat lawan dalam hutan,bodoh terserlah

    1. battlefield air interdiction denotes interdiction against units with near-term effects on friendly units, but which does not require integration with friendly troop movements. TUDM have done an excellent coordination with ground forces. Usually in advanced modern militaries, this coordination is typically handled by specialists and TUDM PASKAU as Forward Air Controllers (FAC) were deployed with ground laser target designator or GLTD to lase the terrorist defensive position in Kg Tanduo.

      As we know the terrorist have create heavy defensive position with heavy weapon placement with overlaping field of fire. This type of defensive position cannot be breach just by simply sending ground troops or special forces.

    2. It doesnt mater the air action was done by fixed or rotary winged aircraft aslong as the action taken are against hostile targets that are close to friendly forces, and which requires detailed integration of each air mission with fire and movement of these forces.

  5. Anonymous April 13, 2013 at 2:29 PM: Your comments clearly shows your lack of understanding in Military Affairs and the level of mentality that are not welcomed here.

  6. AnonymousApril 13, 2013 at 2:29 PM, with heavy defense placed, do you think they cant fork out a simple RPG? if rotary winged aircraft deployed to attack, do you want black hawk down incident here to happen? n you are talking about going for military school.. sigh

  7. amazing manipulation, as usual .

    I keep coming to ur blog and every so often find something awesome to stumble upon .

    keep it up, my malaysian friend .


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