RMAF deploying Single Occupant Delivery Operation Modul for its special forces unit PASKAU

 Seen here underneath a SU-30MKM.

Single Occupant Delivery Operation Modul, informally referred to as the SODOM is a small delivery pod used by the RMAF to INSERT an individual and his equipment from high orbit to combat area.

Within it is a crash seat, communications gear, numerous equipment racks, and a rudimentary control system and a single entry and escape hatch. In spite of the size of the pod, there is not much room to move around, as the space given over to equipment storage lines the interior attached to the frame.

The SODOM allow for the rapid deployment of ground assault troops near or right onto an hole. Their smaller profiles make them more difficult to destroy by defensive fire.

Although the nature of this project within Malaysia Armed Forces are v\blur, it is believed that it is an equivalent with the United States Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) project SUSTAIN, codenamed Hot Eagle. The basic thought is to have heavily armed United States Marines launched into suborbital space and then reenter anywhere on earth in less then a total of four hours.

 cramp interior of SODOM


  1. Actually it's Defense Advanced Research Agency (DARA).



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