Malaysian Army new Combat Patrol Vehicle : The Land Rover 110 HCPU

The Land Rover 110 HCPU became the Malaysian Army new Combat Patrol Vehicle (CPV). The CPV had coiled-spring suspension, providing for a much more comfortable ride than its predecessors. CPVs had a wheelbase of 110 inches and were powered by A 3.5 ltr V8 diesel.With eight wheel, it can travers to any extreme surface.

DPVs had mounts for an array of weapons and were configured in a number of ways:

1 x Commander's GPMG
2 x Gunner 20mm Canon
1 x Gunner 75mm Canon
1 x Chin mounted 30mm Chain Gun
Dazzler Weapon
Milan wire-guided missile launcher mounted on the DPV roll bars

The weapons mounted to CPVs depended on the mission requirements and was limited by availability and the imagination of the wagon's crew. For instance, a DPV's driver might decide to mount a Minimi machine gun on his dashboard or the Milan wagon might have a GPMG fitted to cover the rear.

CPVs usually had their headlights and brake lights removed or disconnected to avoid accidental illumination at night. Smoke canister launchers were fitted to the front and rear of the wagons which could be fired to obscure the vehicle in event of a contact.

CPVs ccould be transported into combat by Nuri helicopters (1 at a time) and c130 Hercules transport planes (4 at a time).


  1. Wow! never see this 10 wheeler in Malaysia!.Boleh tau sape buat dan sape ada pakai kereta ni...
    Kabau nya Kat Malaysia Land Rover pon tak buat..tambah lagi pakai engine V8 bang..


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