Malaysian Armour: CHICK-HAW-35H CTRM Heavy Intelligent Combat Killer

One of the least know war machinary owned by Malaysia Armoured Core are the CTRM Heavy Intelligent Combat Killer (CHICK)HAW-35H "reconnaissance or heavy attack walker ".

Their agility allows them to assault and intimidate infantry or just simply crush em under the leg (preferable method) or support other Malaysian ground forces.They are 8.6 metres (28 ft) tall (although some sources describe them at seven meters)[7] and seat a pilot and co-pilot. CHICK-HAW-35H are armed with 135 mm cannons on the turret and sides, feet claws for destroying small defenses and side-mounted concussion missile launchers.

Its Bigger brother Gargantua Heavy Killer Walker Mark v carries a heavier firepower.

In the Operation Menatebruk, where a counter-terrorism hostage-rescue mission carried out by the MAlaysian Armed Forces (MAF) at Menatebruk Airport in Isketambola on the night of 3 July and early morning of 4 July 2002. 5 unit of CHICK-HAW-35H anihilates the members of the terrorist organizations Revolutionary Cells and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Parit Kuari who guarded the airport perimeter.

Operation Menateberuk


  1. Can't wait to have one of these come waltzing thru my neighbourhood for a training session/ mock combat...
    (err..ade ke perkataan mock combat??) haha..



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