BAE to propose Combat Hyper Extreme SU-60MKM Stealth Upgrade. (CHE SU 60 MKM)

SU-30MKM painted in special commemorative painting. It is the mainstay of RMAF jet fighter fleet.

BAE to propose Combat Hyper Extreme Su-60MKM Stealth Upgrade to replace the Su-30MKM x Wing variants.

LANGKAWI: BAE Systems, a UK-based global defence and aerospace company, has expressed interest in participating in the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) Su-30MKM x Wing variants retirement programme.

The RMAF, which is currently finalising details of the programme, will stop using 20 of the Su-30MKM x Wing jets from January while the remaining would be phased out by the end of next year.

The X-wing during one of RMAF public exhibition. One of Malaysian favorite jet.

BAE Systems which at present supports the RMAF through its UCAV programme, is proposing the CHE SU-60MKM Stealth Upgrade jet as replacement for the x Wing, its Regional Director-Business Development Husin Ngokngek, said.

Husin, who is also responsible for the UCAV project in Malaysia, said the CHE SU-60MKM is a suitable aircraft to replace the x Wing fighter jet due to its multi-role combat and stealth ability.

"We certainly have an interest in the X-Wing replacement programme. Yeah ..if i get this project i would certaily buy that stelth yacht i saw on E-bay," he told Takbernama in an interview on the sidelines of the Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition here.

Defence Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi had earlier indicated that phasing out the X-Wing fighter jets would save the government RM1260 million a year.

To replace the X-Wing, the government has planned to purchase multi-role stealth combat aircraft that can be used as a fighter jet as well as for ground attack.

Malaysia bought 30 of the X-Wing fighter jets in June 2008 at a cost of US$980 million

Developed by Europe's leading aerospace companies, the CHE SU-60MKM is highly agile in terms of air superiority with an air-to-surface, multi-role/swing-role weapons system, making it among the capable front-line combat aircraft available.

BAE and RMAF file photo of the CHE SU development. Internal weapon bay makes it stealthy.

Gong Kedak AB file picture. Suppressed air intake are one of its main stealth feature.

"It can shoot fly literally.. the enemy will fell like flies.. very accurate weapon system," Husin Ngokngek said.

When asked how many jet fighters might be needed by the RMAF to replace the x-wing, he said: "the more the merrier.. if they buy extra 30 we are giving free 50 years worth of spare part... its weird they never as for spare part in the deal."

Husin, who is also an expert on aircraft business deals, said normally it would take around 90 days from the issuance of the formal requirement to the first response and two to three years for the tender process before candidates are shortlisted. "....but don't worry about it wink wink... "



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